Effects pedals for guitars

After learning basic skills for playing guitar, you need to enhance the guitar sound for the best performance. You have given payment to play in a few live performances and buy a sufficient electric amplifier and guitar. Then you should add different sound effects and learn how to play with it. Don’t distress, pedals are relatively uncomplicated and easy to do. You only need to choose good basic types including the best reverb pedals, tuner pedal and other kinds that you can see in this post.

Types of pedals

  • To start tuning your guitar, tuner pedals are necessary attachments for all serious guitarists. It’s very hard to Effects pedals for guitars 2adjust by your ear under noisy stages of screaming, but tuner pedals can help you with visual measures to adjust the string, allowing you to control perfect tune as performing.
  • Reverb pedals are equipment to support your sound. If you have a valuable amp building the high-quality reverb, reverb pedals are no longer used. If the amp doesn’t create exceptional reverb, you should buy reverb pedals to make your sound more beautiful.
    Reverb can create new features for the guitar’s music, but you shouldn’t overuse it. Keep it in a proper and strategic way during your performance to make the song’s emotion more noticeable or prominent. To choose the best one for your musical instrument, you need to try every pedal in instrument stores until you feel it is the suitable one. Follow your instinct and never be persuaded by passionate salesmen. Only you understand your requirement and how much you want to spend.
  • Distortion pedals give benefits of the definitive sound. This type has many models of completing the distortion by distorting the signal of a guitar. Each one has its specific sound, but you shouldn’t select pedals making sound very harsh. The harshness might lower the quality of distortion pedals.
  • Delay pedals can play back guitar samples with given decays in loops. Numerous guitarists make effective use of delay, which is a relatively complex effect and needs accurate timing to gain repeated loops to the sound in the rhythm. Thus, final effects are very wonderful. Just buy good delay pedals following your instinctive control. A bad one will make you become an amateur in a terrible mess.

The chain

If you understand all types of pedals, you need to learn how to connect them together to create the flexible sound series but very beautiful. Depending on your imagine, favorite music, and your ears, you can control pedals to increase the quality sound. If you are a beginner, you can use this guide to start making your chain.Effects pedals for guitars 1

  • First thing after a guitar is a tuner since it allows you to create the clearest signal and the most accuracy of reading.
  • Put a lead of the tuner in the input of the next pedal. The next pedals in line are wah, compressor, distortion overdrive, and EQ. There is a difference of placing a compressor, the middle place makes the volume and tone an effect of every succeeding sound effect while the end place only boosts the volume.
  • For the distortion overdrive, you can change the place to the front of the right side if you want permanently distorted tone.
  • The next is a delay that allows you to keep away from modulation effects
  • Modulation effects include phasers, chorus, and flangers that go next.
  • The last pedal is a reverb. However, you should consider if it is necessary for your purposes. It’s good for you to convert sound for later reproduction, but it’s useless to set up for the live rig. If you play music in a hall or club, you are provided reverb feature from the room. A reverb copies reverberations with different sizes in space, but it can make your sound muddy seriously.
  • The output of your chain comes to the amp input, then the chain is completed.

After setting up the first chain, you should write down this arrangement and experiment the sound effect. If you don’t feel good, you can change some position and you have a clear vision and decision after every change.

To select the best pedals, you have to discover undoubtedly the whole range. You should make much experimentation of music to gain the skills and experience. Then, you can get your own sound.



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