Beach activities for this summer (PART 3)

Beach games for team building

The beach trip is also a perfect chance for team building among colleagues and organizations. Enjoy series of fun activities and games under the sun and at the beach this summer. All the cheers, laughter will disrupt the whole area as everyone will participate and try their best in these team building events. Teamwork, creativity, and fun are the ingredients for a great motivation among employees. Ensure to take advantage of this and let the teamwork promoted greatly.

There are some great activities here suggested for your setting up. Make your days at the beach full of fun and relaxation for everybody. Furthermore, the tighter bond and healthy active participation are certain things gained after those events.

Beach Ball Relay


A member of the team keeps a ball between his knees. After the starting signal, he has to run fast towards his waiting partner ahead and pass the ball to his partner to continue the relay. If the ball is dropped, then he has to return to the starting point. The team finishing with the relay first will be the winner of the game.

Catching the Flag

This is another outdoor version of “Towel Dance”  game.  You can set it up fiercer and more competitive for adult version. The players lie down on the sand metres away from the finish point with flags. The game starts and participants have to race to get the flag bringing back to his team. The tricky point here is that there are more players than flags. Those players cannot get a flag will be eliminated in that round. The winner team will have more people remaining after set-up time.


Magic towel

Magic towel needs a blanket or cloth as large enough for participants. Divide people into teams. Each team stands on the blanket and has to try moving ahead to the finish line. If someone’s feet go out the blanket or touch the sand, the whole team is fired 10 seconds. The winner will be the first team touching the finish line.


Melting ice cube

Set up people into lines. The first person from each line is given an ice cube. They have to keep in their hands so that it can melt. If he is too cold, then pass it to another person so that it will continue melting. The first team can completely melt down the ice is the winning team.

holding an ice cube DBT

Beach soccer

It is the classic but popular game for everyone.

Beach courses on sand are always fast-paced and it is usually more exhausting. Playing soccer on the beach also demands speed, agility and quickness. It is ideal to hold a soccer competition with small-size rounds each time and final award for the winner. The winners of the two teams will go into the next round to compete with the other team.

Beach volleyball

It is easily hold for family, groups as well as for team building.

Wring the Towel Relay Race

Divide people into teams. Following the signal, each person from the team will use a towel to soak into a bucket of water. The wet towel is passed to the next person in the line of his team until the last person receives it and twists the water from the towel to another empty bucket. He continues to soak the towel and do the same like his previous team-mate. The game is over when the first person goes to the front again. The winning team is the team able to obtain most water.

Bucket Lifting

The game rule is very simple. However, it requires much on planning, coordination and strength. The whole team must cooperate well to lift buckets of water, one by one each time from the starting point to the finish line. Players must have balance ability well enough to keep the water from not being spilled out.

Stepping stones

The players are divided into two teams. Each team is provided only two stones. The first person from each team has to use the given stones to step on it and move forward. He has to get to the finish line without touch his feet to the sand. After getting to the finish line, then his partner repeat the same steps again.

This game demands much physical effort and hand-leg coordination.


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