Bicycle with training wheels has been somehow traditional bike for children to practice how to ride before getting on a true bicycle. But smart gear balance bike is getting popular and make parents forget about training wheels. So which is better?

It is clear that bicycle with training wheels is very convenience when children can sit on and cycling easily without support from their parents. According to analyzes, however, there are 5 reasons that training wheels are not good for kids:

  • Weight: A bicycle for children generally weights nearly 13 kg with the 12-inch size of type and attached training wheels. So would an adult weighted 72 kg want to ride a bike weighted 72 kg? It sounds kind of dangerous! Regarding a balance bike, its weight is not up to 2.9 kg.
  • Bordering curb: Driving a bike to border curb, the rider has to lean in the direction of the turn. You cannot border curb when the bike being perpendicular to the road surface. It means that you cannot make a curb bordering with training wheels.
  • Bad habits: It will form a serious mistake when your children having to lean left to turn right or lean right to turn left. This is the main reason leading to accident right after training wheels are removed.
  • Safety: You can see how safe it is from the third problem abovementioned. The important thing is how to know getting balance and bordering curb instead of cycling hardly which concerns to physical power. With training wheels, kids don’t need to use the foot for keeping balance or putting a foot on the ground like riding balance bikes. This is also a bad and dangerous habit needed to be avoided.
  • Speed: A child on a balance bike can not only overcome a child on training wheels but also have operation and balance skills developing much faster. Earlier success would be better for children, especially when it increases their confidence. Bicycles with training wheels only waste time and energy of your kids as they take kids away from practicing to get balance in the right way, with slower moving and less interesting also.


Why is a balance bike a better choice?

Balance bikes bring more benefits than what we thought of. These are 5 reasons that make a balance bike to be the best choice ever for children:

  • Getting safe: Balance bike is safer and brings out actual practice much more than three-wheel bike or bicycle with training wheels. The three-wheel bike is quite slow and not flexible at all, probably making children confuse then fall off on the uneven path or angled surfaces. On a balance bike, they can completely focus on the only thing that is a balance, no need for cycling. As a result, they will have more preparation for unpredictable imbalance and reduce a possibility of falling. Once they can manage balance, children can definitely ignore the stage of using training wheels to use a normal bicycle right away. When doing that, enormous injuries from falling off bicycle will be minimized to the fullest extent.
  • Saving cost: Why? Many parents hesitate to buy a balance bike because they consider it as a waste of money. They think that buying a normal bicycle will be more saving, but it is not actually. A balance bike can replace three-wheel bike or bicycle with training wheels which, in fact, are selected mostly with 12 inches types because it has the smallest pedals that parents can buy. These kinds of bike are basically compulsory to have training wheels, if you remove them, bikes will completely be useless or difficult to ride as a normal bicycle. Hence, parents still have to buy one more new bicycle with 16 or 20 inches types. On the other hand, price of reselling balance bike is quite high compared to three-wheel bikes or bicycles with 12 inches types, which make the total investment for a balance bike be smallest.


  • Encourage children to come outside and play: Instead of pushing children to come outside, let them ask you to take them out by their own. Kids will like to be independent and understand achievement that they receive when riding a balance bike. Being stopped by a stranger on a road or teased by other children in a park, kids will quickly realize something amazing and cool on riding a bike and want them to be part of the action. Balance bikes are very simple, no battery, no pieces, no complicate instruction, it’s simply playing.
  • Improve time with family: Indeed, walking with a 3 years old kid in a baby buggy or on a three-wheel bike cannot be considered as fun. Baby buggy becomes heavy to parents and might stuck at anywhere on uneven roads, and three-wheel is very slow, so parents will have to walk more to be side by side with their children. However, with balance bike, it allows kids to slide easily on pavements and small road with moderate speed.
  • Children can ride bicycle sooner: Children can totally ride normal bicycle sooner than other ones at the same age. In actual, there are still many children at the age of 5-6 years old who have not yet known to ride bicycle handily. In addition, switching from a balance bike to a normal bicycle is very convenient. We simply need to give our kids a bike to ride. No need to run alongside, no need to keep behind seats, no pain from falling, it is simply giving them a bike and being absolutely surprise for what they show us.

That’s how balance bikes are overtaking training wheels in houses recently.

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