Balance bike buying guide

Balance bike buying guide 1Nowadays, there is a variety of balance bikes for kids in the market. Parents searching the good model to teach their kids to ride a bicycle can find in reputable brands. They provide several selections of the current balance bike reviews so parents can have a comparison to choose the suitable one for their kids.

To purchase a good balance bike, you must consider many factors. That is hard to find out the quality either you buy from the online shops or the retail stores. But, you only need to pay attention to the essential things that help you decide which bike you should buy, its quality and value.

Frame materials

There are two popular materials for the frame including the wood or the metal frame. I prefer the feel and look of the wood frame to the metal, but you can choose the type depending on your personal preference. The metal often has the higher price, however, currently the highest price is a type of the wooden bikes.

The handlebars

The best bike has the adjustable stem that means the rider can move handlebars away and toward since they aren’t fixed to the handlebar stem. In some models, these parts are fixed together.

You should choose the model with the handlebars you can raise so it can be compatible with the child development. The fixed stem doesn’t have this feature. In some models, you can adjust the head tubes and down tubes, you need to follow their own manual to use correctly.

If you want to tie the stem tightly in place for the adjustable handlebars, you can use a clamp placed above its head tube.

The seat

The best seat is an important factor for the comfort as riding, even if the rider is a child. It requires the strong Balance bike buying guide 2attachment point instead of one point in some models. The single point can make the riders overly stressed. The strong attachment includes multiple points in the angles and unlikely to break.

You can add a clamp into the seat to adjust the height, raising or lowering without tools. This is an important factor to keep the suitable seat height with your child’s height. Moreover, it can grow with the kid in the future and you won’t waste money to buy a new one when he is taller.

The wheels

The wheels are often made of the standard spoke or the plastic mag, and include the good tires that can be the foam or the standard air with the inner tubes. Each type has the own benefits. The foam is convenient to use without the air, but it’s easily worn that the riders use it on the rough surface covered with asphalt. To use the air tires, you must pump it up constantly for the smooth ride. You also need to check its inner tube to make sure the full air before riding.

The weight of a balance bike

The good bike for your kid must be sturdy but lightweight. To find the suitable weight, you can read the detailed description of the bike about its weight and the overall capacity. If kids aren’t old enough to kindergarten, the suitable bikes are under 9 pounds. Some models have the weight about 7 pounds or less, but the weight capacity is about 50 or over 80 pounds.

The price

Balance bike buying guide 3If you choose the best bike for your child, but the price is not acceptable, it’s certain that you have to forget this option. In the current market, you can easily find the high price about $300.00 and also the low about $42.00. Definitely, The cheap bike is not as safe as the high one since we know the old sentence “Pay for what you get.” However, you also can choose the suitable price with the good bike if you pay much more attentions on other consumers’ reviews.

I like the price under $100.00 for a balance bike. You can easily find the model from the reputable brands with this price, which is not the best one, but it’s safe enough for a kid.

You should think of these factors before buying a balance bike for your child. There are several models on the current market so you can choose the suitable one, but you should remember the deliver and quality on price as shopping.


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