Bicycle with training wheels has been somehow traditional bike for children to practice how to ride before getting on a true bicycle. But smart gear balance bike is getting popular and make parents forget about training wheels. So which is better?

It is clear that bicycle with training wheels is very convenience when children can sit on and cycling easily without support from their parents. According to analyzes, however, there are 5 reasons that training wheels are not good for kids: (more…)

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How to choose the softball bat

The softball has become the most popular sports activities of people in all over the world. People in all countries have a deep passion for this game because they think that it can help them not only stay healthy but also, keep fit. Because this game is very beneficial for people’s health, they usually make a choice of the best softball bats 2016 to serve their personal purpose. To opt for the best one, they have to take everything into consideration. Today, we will provide you some factors that you need to think about carefully before choosing.


How to choose the softball bat (more…)

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Balance bike buying guide

Balance bike buying guide 1Nowadays, there is a variety of balance bikes for kids in the market. Parents searching the good model to teach their kids to ride a bicycle can find in reputable brands. They provide several selections of the current balance bike reviews so parents can have a comparison to choose the suitable one for their kids.

To purchase a good balance bike, you must consider many factors. That is hard to find out the quality either you buy from the online shops or the retail stores. But, you only need to pay attention to the essential things that help you decide which bike you should buy, its quality and value.

Frame materials

There are two popular materials for the frame including the wood or the metal frame. I prefer the feel and look of the wood frame to the metal, but you can choose the type depending on your personal preference. The metal often has the higher price, however, currently the highest price is a type of the wooden bikes. (more…)

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Effects pedals for guitars

After learning basic skills for playing guitar, you need to enhance the guitar sound for the best performance. You have given payment to play in a few live performances and buy a sufficient electric amplifier and guitar. Then you should add different sound effects and learn how to play with it. Don’t distress, pedals are relatively uncomplicated and easy to do. You only need to choose good basic types including the best reverb pedals, tuner pedal and other kinds that you can see in this post. (more…)

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Outdoor games FOR disabled children

All children want to play and enjoy games and activities, so do disabled children. Disabled children also need outdoor activities for their healthy and active lifestyle. Their physical strength is not on the same fitness level as normal people. Therefore, it is crucial to organize the events most suitable to their health situations and type of disability for improvements of their strength, flexibility and agility.

Fly Game

This is an easy game for warm-up in any event. You can use this to initially boost the mood of disabled kids so that they will be eager to join coming games.

Instruct children to get their hands on hips and make a circle. The caller in the middle will say out loud the name an animal. If the animal can fly, the kids have to flap their hands like “wings”. If the animal can’t fly, which person still flaps his hands will get caught. For example, pigs fly, cats fly, dogs fly, etc.

Ball Race

This game can be set up with unlimited number of participants. The more, the merrier. The preparation is also simple and easy to arrange. All we need is just two balls of the same size but different colors. First, ask kids to sit down in a circle around you. Then you give them the first ball. The ball needs to be passed quickly from the first person to the next and continue until the ball goes its half way person in the circle. Give them the second ball. Tell them that the second needs to catch up with the first. Instruct them to pass the ball as fast as they can. The person who is caught with two balls in hand is “out”. The game will be started again like that. The activity aims to enhance the skills of hand-eye coordination by holding, passing balls.



Musical Ball

The game is designed for development of gross motor skills in disabled children with limited mobility or wheelchairs, even visually impaired children. For a group of visual handicapped kids, we need to attach a bell to the ball to make it sound during being passed. Arrange music or sing a song. Instruct the children to pass the ball in the circle. After the music is started, the ball is given to the first person and passed to the next second in the circle. Stop the music after 30 seconds or more. The rule is at your own setting. It can be an eliminating game or a game of getting score with no “out”. For example, the person who is with the ball on hand when the music stops gets 1 point.

Keep Away

Divide people into two teams. Play rock-paper-scissors to decide which team should give out the catcher for the first round. The two people from two teams are told to pass the ball or anything light-weighted over the catcher’s head. The catcher is the one who has to run back and forwards to catch the ball between two players. Attach a bell or sound for visual impaired children. The player should throw it away to the opposite direction to the other team’s player. The player who catches the ball should try to keep it not being taken from the catcher in the middle of them. If he fails to receive it or the catcher can get his ball, then that person is “tagged” as the catcher for the next round with two next players from two teams. The game is over when there is one team completely “tagged” as catchers.


Wheelchair Basketball Game

The kids are divided into two teams. For disabled children, the height of the basket should not be the same as for the non-disabled ones. Kids on wheelchair are also able to join this game if we lower the basket goal or adjust it at a suitable height. Each member of the team has to take turns throwing a basketball into goal. You may set the game in many various versions. For example, you can combine this activity with teaching them language. The participant scoring a basket will get a letter for their team. The team has to arrange those letters into meaningful words. After the time is up, the team with more words will be the winner.


Disabled children need to lead an active lifestyle as other kids to make sure their hearts and bones are strong and healthy. However, due to their impairment, it is a matter of fact that we meet much difficulty to look after them and arrange activities for their participation. Be patient and come up with ideas to help disabled kids to enjoy staying active.


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Beach activities for this summer (PART 3)

Beach games for team building

The beach trip is also a perfect chance for team building among colleagues and organizations. Enjoy series of fun activities and games under the sun and at the beach this summer. All the cheers, laughter will disrupt the whole area as everyone will participate and try their best in these team building events. Teamwork, creativity, and fun are the ingredients for a great motivation among employees. Ensure to take advantage of this and let the teamwork promoted greatly.

There are some great activities here suggested for your setting up. Make your days at the beach full of fun and relaxation for everybody. Furthermore, the tighter bond and healthy active participation are certain things gained after those events.

Beach Ball Relay


A member of the team keeps a ball between his knees. After the starting signal, he has to run fast towards his waiting partner ahead and pass the ball to his partner to continue the relay. If the ball is dropped, then he has to return to the starting point. The team finishing with the relay first will be the winner of the game.

Catching the Flag

This is another outdoor version of “Towel Dance”  game.  You can set it up fiercer and more competitive for adult version. The players lie down on the sand metres away from the finish point with flags. The game starts and participants have to race to get the flag bringing back to his team. The tricky point here is that there are more players than flags. Those players cannot get a flag will be eliminated in that round. The winner team will have more people remaining after set-up time.


Magic towel

Magic towel needs a blanket or cloth as large enough for participants. Divide people into teams. Each team stands on the blanket and has to try moving ahead to the finish line. If someone’s feet go out the blanket or touch the sand, the whole team is fired 10 seconds. The winner will be the first team touching the finish line.


Melting ice cube

Set up people into lines. The first person from each line is given an ice cube. They have to keep in their hands so that it can melt. If he is too cold, then pass it to another person so that it will continue melting. The first team can completely melt down the ice is the winning team.

holding an ice cube DBT

Beach soccer

It is the classic but popular game for everyone.

Beach courses on sand are always fast-paced and it is usually more exhausting. Playing soccer on the beach also demands speed, agility and quickness. It is ideal to hold a soccer competition with small-size rounds each time and final award for the winner. The winners of the two teams will go into the next round to compete with the other team.

Beach volleyball

It is easily hold for family, groups as well as for team building.

Wring the Towel Relay Race

Divide people into teams. Following the signal, each person from the team will use a towel to soak into a bucket of water. The wet towel is passed to the next person in the line of his team until the last person receives it and twists the water from the towel to another empty bucket. He continues to soak the towel and do the same like his previous team-mate. The game is over when the first person goes to the front again. The winning team is the team able to obtain most water.

Bucket Lifting

The game rule is very simple. However, it requires much on planning, coordination and strength. The whole team must cooperate well to lift buckets of water, one by one each time from the starting point to the finish line. Players must have balance ability well enough to keep the water from not being spilled out.

Stepping stones

The players are divided into two teams. Each team is provided only two stones. The first person from each team has to use the given stones to step on it and move forward. He has to get to the finish line without touch his feet to the sand. After getting to the finish line, then his partner repeat the same steps again.

This game demands much physical effort and hand-leg coordination.


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Beach activities for this summer (PART 2)

Making Beach Tent

Children are always fascinated in building tents. Show them to collect sticks, leaves or use towels to make into a tent. Kids will enjoy finding items for building and decorating their own tents.

Pool at the beach


Young kids love this for sure. Add some sand under the bottom of the pool to make it similar to a mini beach pool. Or make it as simple as digging a pond and let children pour water in it. Your kids will have fun in hopping and re-filling the empty pond with water again.

Beach games for couples or group

Taking photos


You are certainly enjoyable in taking photos as much as possible at the beach. Let’s make it more creative and crazier like this as memories of an unforgettable trip. Capture some fun pictures with everyone and enjoy the happy and relaxing time together. Make it funnier with group faces on the sand.

Photo with frames you can use or make it more artistic.

Fly a Kite

The wind at the beach is ideal for kite-flying. Remember to use a kite sturdy enough for heavy gust from the sea. Then it won’t be broken apart.

Beach Volleyball

This is usually set up for older children and adults. The volleyball game on the beach is more exhausted than on land. Sand will slow down everybody’s speed on running and jumping.

Another version for kids is that you can use a big plastic ball. Children run around to try passing the ball to hit the others. Or you can make up your own rules for kids.

Keep your bottle

This game is suitable for players in groups. A person chosen from each team has to sit cross-legged and wear an empty plastic cup on his head. His partner has to run fast to him and fill up the empty cup with water from their cup quickly. Then his partner runs toward a bottle placed beside and pours water in it. After they finish, continue with the other two people in the team. Set up time. The winning team is the one who has the higher level of water in their bottle.

BBQ Grill

Collect some wood or sticks to set up a BBQ grill. Dig a hole in a dry sand area. You can place stones around in a circle to make it visible for kids to stay away. Then just set the fire, cover the food in foil while cooking and then just enjoy the grilled fresh sea food. You may find that the wind is very tricky, so finding an ideal place and techniques for keeping the fire from burning out is important. After BBQ grilling, remember to fill in the hole and pack out your trash.

Chess board

Set up a classic chess board on towel and enjoy various dice games you want to play.

Beach Mini Golf

Set up a golf course on the sand. Turn a wood stick into a golf club and use a small plastic ball or whatever you have brought along. Dig a hole large enough to the size of the ball and experience the game. Who completing the hole first is the winner.


Set up the Frisbee is just very simple and easy. There are also various versions you can apply for your own game.

  • Who throws the Frisbee farthest distance?
  • Who can knock the plastic bottle down at the distance?

For kids, beach time is their great time for freely running, jumping and swimming. Some children enjoy playing with water, but some are not. So be ready to prepare activities to keep them interested for a long time on the beach by lining up as many beach activities as you can. You will have time to get relaxed and let them enjoy by themselves also.

Adults are different from kids. For friends or groups, the trip can become an awesome experience for everybody if you set some ideas for it in advance. People will have a tighter bond after spending time together joyfully at the beach with many activities. This covers just some ideas. Be active and creative to think of some more fascinating activities and share them with us.

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Beach activities for this summer (PART 1)

You are planning a beach trip this summer, but how to have fun at the beach is always on your mind. Depending on the purpose and the arrangements, we have some tips here for your ideas of organizing a fantastic trip ever. And you don’t need to spend time thinking up activities to enjoy the coming trip. Save some of these activities for this summer with water, sand and the beach.

Beach games for family

There are plenty of land-based activities for family members after exhausting hours with water waves. It will be enjoyable and it will keep everyone busy until sunset. Check out this list for a blast in this summer.

Building castles on the sandbeach

Try this family-friendly game. It is the traditional one but never bore the children out. It is also very simple and easy to get children occupied. Let them create and decorate their own masterpieces. You can also hold a small competition between the two teams to boost their motivation. Set time and see who is more creative and talented.



Tell players that they have a limited period of time to dig deeply into the sand. After the time is up, check out whose is deeper. The loser ones will have to jump into the sand hole of the winner and be covered again in sand. Make sure that it should not be over everyone’s head.

Sand drawingsandart02

Be creative rather than simply draw something on the beach. This is a perfect way to get artistic talent burst out. By collecting any “can-be-found” objects such as pebbles, colorful seashells, sticks, rock, wood, etc., children then design their own beach spectacular drawings. Explore your kids’ inspiration, and help them to develop their ideas. Bonus points are given for the most creative and imaginative sand masterpiece. Award everyone with ice-cream for hard-work to recharging the batteries.


Memory game

Collect different of objects you can find on the beach such as seashell, rocks, seaweed, driftwood, seaweed and those you brought along. Cover some of them with a blanket or towel, and let the player take a look at them for just a minute. Then cover everything again with another towel. He then need to remember them, run to his partner waiting at the check point, and tell that partner what he can remember. Which team can say out many more things than the others will be the winner of the game.

Towel dance

This kind of game is also a classical one for many parties. Certainly it will be a fun twist for kids.

Place many towels in the middle and the number of towels must be less than one the number of total players. Everyone will dance around the towels in the music, and then stop the music suddenly. Then the players will have to lie down one of the towels with a cool posing. Who is left without a towel to lie down will be the loser. The loser has to run around everyone’s circle 5 times and play the music or sing a song for everyone to dance. Then he stops the music and go back quickly to find the towel for himself. The game continues…

Shadow catching

The rule of this game is very simple: watch out the sun’s shining direction and keep your shadow safe. Players run away and try to prevent their shadow from being touched or stepped on by the catcher. Who get caught will be the catcher in the next round. Parents should keep an eye on children, not let them run too far or play so long under the sun.

Balancing on board

This is the fantastic way for everyone to enjoy surfing safely on land. You will not need to worry much about children safety experiencing water waves at the far distance. Moreover, it is a test to challenge your children balancing ability. Everyone will stand on boogie boards near the water edge. They will need to stand on it with their back facing the waves so that they will not know when the waves are coming. The one who can stand still on board and lasts longer will be the winner.



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Outdoor recreation is enjoyable for children and adults of all ages. When shifting from indoor to outdoor environment, people will feel more active and alive. Try it out and plan an activity for yourself or your entire family right now. Even better, join a local club or sport center to practice and experience this social and natural world outside.


Today, let’s take an overview look of outdoor recreation for a better understanding and some useful information.

Outdoor recreation activities may be defined as those activities that:

  • take place outdoors, outside the confines of buildings, site modification or infrastructure.
  • require open place or land area.
  • may be conducted in natural landscape, semi-natural or simulated natural environments.

They are not just sport and fitness activities but some more sedate activities such as dining, cinema, theatre, picnic and concert. They are not narrowed down to be out of the infrastructure site. Just simple like this, they take place outside of your home. They are outdoor recreation activities. Stay active and enjoy life with many activities outdoor! It will bring you the feeling of well-being, achievement and become part of the fantastic outdoor world.

There are a wide range of outdoor activities kinds. The division is also quite various, depending on the way we categorize them.

In regard of participants, they can be generally divided into team-based and individual-oriented. The activities with individual involvement tend more to target leisure pursuit or different personal goals to the extent of participant specialization. Team-based recreation has a tendency of involving physical and social rewards.


In terms of competition, we have competitive and noncompetitive outdoor sports. It is more pressure to go into a competitive sport. Participants should be able to control this pressure to play at their best to accomplish the target or award. Noncompetitive is less stressful and less demanding. It tends to give more enjoyment while practicing. In some case, sports pressure is good for more accomplishment, higher body challenge and even better stamina.

Depending on purposes, there are activities suitable with babies, young children, adults, families, groups, couples or singles.

It may also refer to beneficial use and pleasurable appreciation or both. The activities conducted outdoor can be pursued for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual rewarding instilled in individuals or groups. Parents tend to turn children from staying still all day long in front of computer into going outside for their children’s well-rounded education and development. For companies, schools or any organizations, this is a perfect medium for social ties including teambuilding, spending time together and connecting each other. Artists can seek inspiration, aesthetic contemplation for painting, photography, etc. Scientists can experience of being out in nature for science study, archeological or historical research. Many people through the outdoor recreation want to spend time with families, find peace, experience life, relax, seek adventure, understand indigenous culture or even enhance and challenge skills with testing endurance and stamina. The activities demand readiness for risk-taking, physical challenge and exploration are usually called adventure recreation. When they involve high risk of inherent danger in regard of speed, height, physical exertion and specialized gear, they are called extreme sports. Some others also use outdoor activities as an alternative form of tourism.

These are different types of outdoor sports popular all over the world categorized as below:

Mountain Activities


Rock climbing

Mountain biking

Motorbike expedition




Ice climbing

Mountain climbing


Sky running

Forest Activities

Wildlife safari


Bird watching

Elephant safari

Tree climbing

Adventure park

Mushroom hunting


Beach & Sea Activities


Scuba diving


Sport fishing


Water sports

Clam digging

Running (on beach)


Fresh Water Activities

Angling/Fly fishing


Whitewater rafting

Water sports



Activities Aero




Para motoring



Wing suit flying

Activities Desert

Camel safari

Desert Jeep safari

Sand boarding

Activities Family

Amusement park

Safari park

Off-leash dog park

Bungee jumping


Corn maze

Activities Cultural & Historical

Indigenous culture

Metal detecting

Benchmarking (geolocating)


We can also divide extreme sports into vehicle sports and non-vehicle sports as following.

Extreme vehicle sports


offshore racing

wake boarding

water skiing

air racing







kite boarding


snow boarding



wingsuit sky diving



skate boarding

mountain biking

free-style biking


sand kiting, sand boarding

Extreme non-vehicle sports

ice climbing


free climbing


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Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

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